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Gabe Castro (they/she) is a Philadelphia-based Latiné multi-media professional specializing in the horror genre. They work at Philadelphia's public access television station as the Member Programming Manager helping their community make people-powered media. They are also the producer and co-host of the horror media analysis podcast, Ghouls Next Door. They and fellow Ghoul, Kat, explore the unique way society and culture influence film and media. Gabe believes media can be used as a tool to bring social change and works in all she does to create impactful and inspiring media. Gabe is also a co-host of the Black Tribbles, the award-winning geek talk radio show where she spends time with fellow BIPOC nerds. When they're not hosting podcasts, they direct award-winning short horror-comedies and design terrifying soundscapes for the Black Women are Scary Podcast that celebrates people of color writing in horror. They also write film reviews and more for local cinema organization, cinéSPEAK, latiné led organization, Presenté Media, and the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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